B O B B Y J O N   B A U M A N ' S

S P E A K I N G   R E Q U E S T   F O R M

Speaking Topics

  • “Understanding Today’s Youth Culture”

  • “Five Ways To Keep Your Children From Losing Their Faith”

  • “The Blessings and Dangers of Social Media”

  • “Rise Red Rise” Reaching Your City For Christ:  A Report from Steubenville

  • “All Other Ground Is Shifting Sand” The Long And Winding Road From Relativism to Certitude

  • “Help Thou My Unbelief” Providing Hope for Those Who Doubt

  • “Answers to Common Objections To The Faith”

  • “Ecumenism or Syncretism?”  What is the difference and where should we draw the line?

  • “Boots On The Ground Ecumenism” Working Alongside Christians With Different Beliefs

  • “What Catholics And Protestants Can Learn From One Another”

  • “Evangelism Without Awkwardness” How To Engage Others In Spiritual Conversation”

  • “Understanding The Atheist Mindset”

  • “Empathy: The Hidden Virtue That Can Change The Hearts of Even The Most Difficult Among Us”

  • “Five Keys To Proving The Historicity Of The Resurrection Of Christ”

  • “Why Do They Think That Way?” The Mindset of Today’s Teen and Preteen

  • “Three Men Who Rule The World From The Grave” (Darwin, Nietzsche & Freud)

  • “In God We Trust” Launching A Successful Ministry in The Public School

  • “Personal Testimony”