Sycamore Youth Center Teen Leadership Program


Today’s youth are tomorrows leaders. 

The Teen Leadership Program at Sycamore exists to prepare the next generation to become leaders in our community. Our goal is to graduate young men and women who understand the dynamics of service, humility and community.  

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The Program

Program Dynamics –Currently, the Sycamore Center receives youth workers from the Community Action Council, who hosts a paid youthwork program. Eligibility determinations are decided through federal income guidelines. The Sycamore Youth Center sees a great opportunity to build relationships and develop leadership ability in these young people. Preparing them for future employment and  helping them to discover hidden potential within themselves. SYC will create a supportive network of adults who 

can help the youth foster achievement as well as modeling positive life behaviors. Our overarching goal is to provide opportunities for growth and personal success.  



Goals and Outcomes- The main goal of the program is to build relationships with the girls while teaching the core principles of the program. The program will create opportunities for the girls to demonstrate a working knowledge of the core principles throughout the year they are with Sycamore.  


Activities – Teen Leadership at Sycamore will engage a weekly rotation of focusing on our different principles. These rotations will include discussion/leadership time, worksheets, reading assignments and essays to be shared within their group.  


Teen Leadership Class will also participate in hands on service projects in the community – working to empower the students to use their gifts in the community.  


Employment Success – Many of the teens will be ready to obtain their first job, so it’s relevant to help them understand workplace expectations and teamwork, both of which flow directly from the core principals we have in place.  


Program Length -  The timeframe for a complete leadership graduate would be one school year and potentially several weeks in the summer.  


How do teens get involved? We have an application process and a informational packet that explains the program dynamics, expectations and rewards. 


Our Commitment -We promise to invest in you with support, guidance, personal development and concrete takeaways that can help you for years to come. We are here for your success.  


We are a team of trusting adults who want the best for you and who are committed to understanding your situation without judgement.  


Expectations – Attendance , Attitude, and Willingness!

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