Providing hope for students.

It is my passion to work with youth and provide an opportunity for them to be in a positive and uplifting environment in which they will thrive by cultivating their gifts and talents. The Sycamore Center was a dream of mine to provide that to students.  That dream has finally become a reality and I cannot wait to see what is in store for our youth in the future! 

Bobbyjon Bauman
Director of Programming

Turning a Vision into Reality.

The historic style of the building is something I fell in love with when I first walked in. In remodeling and decorating the center, I wanted to keep that same ambiance. This building means the world to me and the people that come through its doors have become like a second family to me.

Paula G. Stevens
Building Director

It isn't just posting online, it's impacting every viewer.

I am blessed to be working here at the Sycamore Youth Center. I love creating and promoting our center. When I feel strongly about something I feel as though everyone should know about it. I am also proud to be able to create graphics. posters, announcements and so much more. 

Holly Massie
Director of Social Media