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Apply to be A Genesis Missionary!


Make a Difference in Steubenville Today!

The Sycamore Youth Center in Steubenville, Ohio is excited to announce that we are seeking full-time missionaries for the 2022-23 Genesis Mission Team! Sycamore Youth Center serves over 800+ local youth in the local community through outreach, after-school programming, and special community events. As a faith-based organization, Sycamore Youth Center guides youth to encounter Jesus in authentic ways through our various programming. Our 51 after-school programs include Bible studies, youth ministries, boys and girls clubs, leadership programs, and life skills classes such as cooking, salesmanship, and home and auto repair. 

The Sycamore Missionary Team will be responsible for outreach to the local youth through relational ministry and events. This entails attending local sporting events, church programs, and more. The Missionaries will also have the opportunity to participate in the programming of the youth center and build relationships with youth on a daily basis. 


The team will live together in a household paid for by the Ohio Valley Youth Network. Missionaries have the amazing opportunity to share Christian fellowship with one another and grow in their personal faith life during this year. The mission team will be serving on a 9-month contract from August 15th, 2022 to May 21st, 2023 and will be supplied with funds for food, transportation, and a missionary stipend.

Frequently Asked Questions!

The mission of the Genesis Mission Team is to Form Steubenville into a New Creation through Positive Character Development, Strong Spirituality, and Healthy Fellowship. The Genesis Team will work with youth ages 1st Grade through 12th grade through the Sycamore Youth Center and outreach programs in locals schools, churches, and neighborhoods.

While each day may vary based on, there are several important parts to each day! A typical schedule may look like this:

8:00-9:30 - Breakfast, Personal Prayer

10:00 - Team Meeting at Sycamore

10:30-11:30 - Ministry Preparation

11:30-12:30 - Lunch

12:30 - Team Prayer

1:30 - Released Time Bible Education

2:30 - Sycamore After School Program

5:30 - Return home for dinner

6:30 - Personal Time For Rest of Night

The Genesis Team will have the amazing opportunity to lead groundbreaking ministry in Steubenville! Some of the ministries the team will have the opportunity to lead include:

  • After school programming at the Sycamore Youth Center

  • Released Time Bible Education with the local public school students

  • Genesis Youth Group Nights

  • Genesis Guys & Girls Nights

  • Sycamore on Wheels (Neighborhood visits)

  • Sonshine Bible Club (Elementary)

  • Guys & Girls Bible Studies (JHS/HS)

  • Genesis Discipleship Groups

The Genesis team will live together in a mission house provided by a partnership with a local ministry organization. Male and female team members will have separate rooms and restrooms, as well as shared communal space such as living room, chapel, kitchen, and office space. Team life will include daily team prayer, brotherhood and sisterhood bonding, team days (for both relaxation and formation), and the opportunity for integration into the wider community of Steubenville.

Our Catholic mission team is largely based on four pillars: Prayer, Sacraments, Fellowship, and Service.

Absolutely! Each team member will be connected with a spiritual director of their own choosing with the expectation of at least monthly meetings. Further, the Genesis Project staff will mentor each team member to help further their embodiment of a missionary spirit in ways that will last a lifetime. 

How much do I need to fundraise?

Thanks to our local ministry partnerships, our fundraising goals for each missionary are relatively low! Each missionary is asked to fundraise only $6,000, which is one of the lowest amounts necessary for any year long missionary program!

How long of a commitment is it?

The Genesis Project is a full-time missionary program that begins during the last week of August and ends the last week of May. 

Where do we live? What about transportation?

The Sycamore Youth Center has partnered with Urban Mission to provide the Genesis Project Missionaries with a mission house for the school year in Steubenville, not far from the Sycamore Youth Center and several churches and schools.

The Sycamore Youth Center allows for missionaries to bring their own cars, however, each missionary would be responsible for paying for their own insurance and gas. The Sycamore Youth Center does provide a van for use by the Genesis Project team with all expenses paid for. 


Contact the Genesis Project Coordinator Brendan Slovacek at (815) 355-6815 or

Can I take college classes (online or at Franciscan) while a missionary?

Yes, but we ask that missionaries take only a part-time load of courses. Also, courses may not interfere with ministry hours.

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